Warrenton Downtown Association

Meeting Minutes


  1. Call to order

Bob Truetken called to order the regular meeting of the WDA at 6:00pm on 7/23/19 at Deerfield’s On Main.

  1. Roll call

Sign in sheet was provided for roll call. The following persons were in attendance:

Bob Truetken, Stacey Blondin,  Maggie Hase, Rachelle Wiltch, , Bud Burgmeyer, Sidney Cordell, Kaitlyn Ramey, Kathy Daly, Greg Castello, Jim Brent, Teresa Brent, Lauren Reagan.

Minutes from 6/25/19 were passed out for review.  Prior minute approval at board meeting.

  1. Old Business:
  1. Board voted to not try to combine Fruehlingfest with Police Golf Fundraiser next year as proposed.
  2. Reviewed Mo Main Street deadlines.
  3. Renderings update:  Bob Truetken reported this is a 4-8 year process.  We are currently obtaining bid from artist.  City must get certified first for grant money. Cindy is working with Terry.                                                              ACTION ITEM: Bob to get checklist copy.
  4. WDA Board to review by-laws, Board term lengths, board attendance requirements.  ACTION ITEM: Dorian to Post by-laws on website.
  1. New business
  1. WDA will add approved meeting minutes from previous month’s meeting to website.  ACTION ITEM:  Maggie to type minutes within a week of meeting and forward to Dorian.
  2. Kathy inquired if artist will do murals on buildings.                                            ACTION ITEM: Bob is getting information from Cuba.
  3. Bob Truetken and Stacey Blondin will be attending MoMain St convention in St. Louis and will bring back info next meeting.
  4. Maggie Hase inquired if we have any connections to grant writers to utilize any funding available.  Tabled at this time.
  5. WDA Board members will meet with Mo Main Street rep on 8/27/19. ACTION ITEM: Board will report back.
  6. HOMETOWN HALLOWEEN: Date is set for 10/26.                       ACTION ITEMS: Kelly and Rachelle will organize churches.   Maggie to start promoting on social media.  Dorian to put info on website.
  7. WINE AND WALK.  “Wine Walk-a stroll down Main Street” Date set for 10/4.  We discussed doing multiple events per year, first Friday of the month. Tickets will be limited and will be priced $35/ticket.  Bob will provide employees at each stop to poor tastings of different wines.  Volunteers will be needed.  Theresa Brent and Lauren Moritz volunteered at this time. ACTION ITEMS: Rachell and Kelly to coordinate with Gene Cornell, coordinate ordering of glasses w Bob to get WDA logo.  Stacey to find out which Main St businesses will participate in the walk. Maggie to create Wine Walk logo, create event on social media.  Dorian to post on website.
  8. Greg Castello recommended WDA appoint a member to be in constant contact with City regarding Sellenrick building and its current condition after fire damage.  ACTION ITEM: Bob to find out current ordinance regarding Code Compliance and be in communication as to action on building.
  9. Bob reported that sidewalks will be done by Fallfest. No action required
  10. Maggie Hase requested businesses contact her regarding scheduling Business Spotlight videos.

  1. Adjournment

Bob Truetken adjourned the meeting at 6:50pm

Minutes submitted by:  Maggie Hase

Action Items PDF from this document